Use Yoga to Wake Up (Video)

Deep breathing, back bending get you going

rolled up yoga mat

Here’s a wake-up call for you: Try a little yoga to get going each morning. A little deep breathing will help get your body ready for the day ahead.

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  • Take some deep breaths with a little longer inhale. This stimulates the body’s fight or flight response, or sympathetic nervous system.
  • Back-bending poses open the chest and heart, but they also stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Either lean back with your arms down around your hips or put your hands behind your head, and then strike a back-bending pose.
  • Picking any pose and holding it will get your blood going. It can be a lunge or bending over to touch your toes. The important thing is to hold it for more than just a few seconds, forcing your body to work against gravity.

This will help to get your heart rate up a little and your blood flowing.

You can also do a series of poses and hold them for a shorter amount of time. Bar just asks that you check with your doctor first before starting any program.

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