Surgery for the Most Challenging Brain Tumors (Video)


Because of a new laser technology, Cleveland Clinic’s doctors can offer hope to patients with tumors that were once inoperable.

Gene Barnett, MD, director of the Burkhardt Brain Tumor Center at Cleveland Clinic, explains how the AutoLITT system destroys some of the most challenging, hard-to-reach tumors. AutoLITT uses new technology to target, heat and eradicate brain tumors, giving hope to those who can’t undergo major surgeries.

“AutoLITT is really the best choice when we’re talking about tumors that are deep in the brain that are difficult to get to,” Dr. Barnett says, “or if the patient has been heavily treated with radiation such that the scalp would not heal well from a conventional operation. It actually does provide a surgical option when using traditional techniques there was none.”

This minimally invasive technique reduces the amount of blood loss during surgery and greatly eases recovery afterward.

“People just feel so much better after an operation like this compared to a conventional surgery,” Dr. Barnett says.

In the video below, a patient shares her positive experience with the AutoLITT technology.