Want to Increase Your Water Intake? Try Adding Cucumbers

Sliced cucumbers can make a refreshing drink
sliced cucumber splashing water isolated on white background

By: Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

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We are used to seeing slices of lemon in the glasses of water that are served in restaurants. But have you ever thought of adding cucumber slices to your H2O?

Cucumbers add a fresh, light flavor to chilled water. The vegetable also is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium. Wash the cucumber, cut it into thin slices and add a few pieces to your water.

There are health benefits to drinking more water. Water helps your body:

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  • Keep your temperature normal.
  • Lubricate and cushion joints.
  • Protect your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
  • Get rid of wastes through urination, sweat and bowel movements.

In this video, registered dietitian Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, talks about how to increase your daily water intake by adding cucumbers, lemons or limes.



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