Get a ‘Head Start’: Boost Morning Brain Power

Find tips to starting your day with energy and gusto


Do you ever feel like you just can’t get your brain started in the morning? If so, changing your morning routine may give your brain a boost, according to Dylan Wint, MD, a brain health expert at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

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He says your brain works best when you start the day off right.

“It’s important that people start off the day in a way that’s good for their brains so that means getting good sleep the night before and making sure you have good nutrition. You know Mom always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in some ways, that’s true,” Dr. Wint says.

Studies show that having breakfast in the morning benefits your brain. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says a nutritious breakfast helps with concentration, problem solving and provides energy, while people who skip breakfast often feel irritable and tired.

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Experts agree that a good night’s sleep is important to feeling alert but keep in mind that the “right” amount of sleep varies from person to person. Also, if you depend on coffee or tea as a morning pick-me-up, Dr. Wint has some good news.

“There’s some evidence that coffee and tea might be protective for the brain and a lot of people feel the boost as they drink [it],” Dr. Wint says.

As the day goes on, Dr. Wint says it’s a good idea to vary your activity. He recommends scheduling some time to move around and give your brain a break, especially if you’re doing the same task for several hours.

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If you take care of your brain, you take care of your whole person. Good nutrition, rest and activity are each brain and body boosts.

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