Week 3: Outside Areas Provide Tranquility and a Sense of Well Being

Water is a symbol of tranquility, relaxation and renewal

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Austin Petsche, a junior from Western Reserve Academy, is a student volunteer this summer in the Heart and Vascular Institute. While here Austin wrote his insights on things to see and do in and around the institute. Here is the next installment of his weekly write up.

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Water is a symbol of tranquility, relaxation and renewal.  Without water – there is no life of any kind.  In the outdoor areas surrounding Cleveland Clinic, water is used to help patients feel a sense of well being and healing. Upon arrival, many will see a giant donut-looking pool filled with water to the very top.

This “pool” is actually a Circular Infinity Pool (Located in the Milton A. and Roslyn Z. Wolf Plaza) that holds eighty thousand gallons of water and is dyed with a blue coloring. About one thousand gallons of water constantly cycles through the pool every hour. If you came to Cleveland Clinic in the winter you might notice that the pool looks just as it did in the summer. This amazing pool is heated, deterring it from freezing over in the winter; it stays open for your viewing pleasure all year round. It is one of the many wonders I have seen at the Sydell and Arnold Miller Heart & Vascular Institute.

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