What to Watch for After Vascular Surgery (Video)

Report numbness or swelling right away

Recover from Vascular Surgery

After vascular surgery, it’s important to know when to call us about any problems you notice. First, tell us right away about any redness, oozing or bad smell coming from the incision site. These symptoms can indicate trouble following any kind of surgery.

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Two symptoms are particularly important to report following vascular surgery:

  • Any loss of sensation or loss of movement in a limb or any part of the body
  • Swelling, especially major swelling in the legs

If you lose feeling or your ability to use a body part, you might have had a mini-stroke. Loss of blood flow, another serious issue, could also cause these problems. You should report this kind of trouble right away.

If you have significant swelling, you might have blood clots that formed in your veins. Again, report this problem to us promptly.

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Usually, a simple office visit or basic test will allow us to rule out serious problems that need further treatment.

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