When Can I Introduce Solid Foods to My Baby?


When your child is between 4 and 6 months old, talk with your pediatrician about the right time to introduce solid foods.

To avoid choking risks, don’t offer foods that are hard, crunchy or difficult to chew. Don’t give her foods like nuts, raisins, raw vegetables and popcorn.

Rounded foods like grapes, cherry tomatoes and hot dogs are risky, too. Cut them into small pieces.

When you begin adding solid foods, consider a diet that includes:

Introduce one new single-ingredient complementary food at a time over a 3-5 day trial. Ask your pediatrician any questions you have about what and when to feed your baby. It’s our privilege to help care for your child through infancy, childhood and beyond — that’s why we’re here.

— Pediatrician Kimberly Churbock, MD