Why Cleveland Clinic’s ‘Build a Better’ Infographic Series Has Legs

Expert tips on making your favorite meals healthier

The “Build a Better” infographic series on our Health Essentials blog continues to generate buzz. We share our recipe for success (and serve up statistics below).

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How to build a better infographic: recipes for success

Final results

Here’s how much each infographic in our “Build a Better” series was read, shared, pinned, repinned and tweeted through Dec. 31, 2015:

How to Build a Better Salad
Total Traffic: 61,921
Repins on Pinterest: 142,485
Traffic from FB: 41,879
Traffic from Pinterest: 975
Traffic from Twitter: 57

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How to Build a Better Smoothie
Total Traffic: 48,659
Pinterest repins: 91,495
Traffic from FB: 21,506
Traffic from Pinterest: 11,541
Traffic from Twitter: 98

How to Build a Better Burger
Total traffic: 18,708
Traffic from Facebook: 12,148
Traffic from Twitter: 1,267
Traffic from Pinterest: 42
Pinterest repins: 86

How to Build a Better Pizza
Total traffic: 15,209
Traffic from Facebook: 7,265
Traffic from Twitter: 777
Pinterest repins: 214
Traffic from Pinterest: 36

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How to Build a Better Taco
Total traffic: 8,527
Traffic from Facebook: 5,178
Traffic from Twitter: 465
Traffic from Pinterest: 112
Pinterest repins: 85

How to Build a Better Chili
Total traffic: 5,627
Traffic from Facebook: 1,860
Traffic from Twitter: 413
Pinterest repins: 113
Traffic from Pinterest: 37


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