Will Medication Improve Your Low Bladder Pressure?

The Short Answer from a urologist

Q: Can medication improve my low bladder pressure?

A: Unfortunately, this plumbing issue doesn’t respond well to medication. We have great drugs for lowering high bladder pressure and for reducing bladder contractions. But we don’t yet have drugs for helping the bladder contract better.

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Some drugs that were under development made the bladder contract but weren’t specific to the bladder. So they also made the bowels contract, causing cramps, and could affect heart and lung contractions as well.

For a very weak bladder, procedures are often more helpful than medication. For example, we can surgically decrease outflow resistance from the prostate, so that you need less bladder pressure to drive urine out.

I would talk to a urologist about which option is best for you.

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—Urologist James Ulchaker, MD

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