Workout Hydration Tips (Video)

Learn what you should drink after exercising

splash of chocolate milk

When you’re working out, there are lots of drinks you can choose, including water, sports drinks and shakes. Cleveland Clinic sports nutritionist Kate Mone explains how the intensity and amount of time you spend exercising should guide your choice for rehydration.

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She says for workouts under one hour, water works well to rehydrate you. However, the tipping point hits after one hour, when you begin to lose more than water, including electrolytes, sodium and glucose. That’s when drinks that contain more than water, such as sports drinks, can help your body the most.

However, Mone says to be careful to watch how much sugar you drink so that your glucose levels don’t spike.

What is the perfect drink after a tough workout? Chocolate milk. Surprised? Watch to learn more.

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