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5 Ways to Make Your Kids ‘Nutritionally Savvy’

Want to get your kids involved in making smart eating decisions? It’s about more than limiting access to unhealthy options. It’s also about educating our kids about nutrition so it doesn’t feel like a punishment. We can do this in simple, everyday ways. Here are five suggestions for parents to involve kids in healthy eating: … Read More

Active Gaming May Help Your Child Lose Weight

If you want to help your overweight child get healthier, consider a weight-management plan that includes an active gaming system – where you use your entire body to play rather than only a controller. A recent study found that playing active video games, as part of a weight-management program, encourages overweight children to get more … Read More

Obesity Increases Your Risk for Chronic Kidney Disease

We all know that carrying around extra body fat isn’t good for us. But you may not realize that losing weight can help prevent kidney disease in otherwise-healthy people. Trimming down might also slow disease progression in people already diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, according to nephrologist Sankar Navaneethan, MD. “Obesity and being overweight are … Read More

Obesity and Your Child: Google+ Hangout On Air

Childhood obesity is an immense, growing problem. According to the CDC, it has more than doubled in children, and tripled in adolescents over the past 30 years. With both immediate and long-term side effects to the child, it’s important for parents to understand how to prevent, manage and understand their options for a child who … Read More

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Obesity and Your Heart: Google+ Hangout On Air

Watch our Google+ Hangout On Air about obesity and heart health called Obesity: The Heavy Impact on Your Heart, which took place in a live Q&A with our experts on Sept. 17 at 12:30 p.m., EST. This Google+ Hangout On Air is the first in a three-part series about obesity. Watch the discussion with our … Read More

Kids at Risk: Obesity Rates Rising

Many kids today are struggling with their weight. In the last several decades, obesity has become all too common in American children.  Find out why rates are rising and access tips to help kids reach a healthy weight. Read the full story: Help Kids Slim Down and Live Longer

Addressing Obesity With Innovation

One out of every three American adults are now obese. To reverse this trend, we need innovative approaches to obesity, and we need them now. While new strategies and treatments are currently in the pipeline, will they be enough to prevent American healthcare from being crushed by the massive costs of treating obesity and its … Read More

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Breakfast May Prevent Childhood Obesity

The advice we all got from our moms is true — breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, especially for kids. Breakfast gives kids the energy to start their day, and it improves learning and behavior as well. And now new research shows that it can also help keep them at a … Read More