A couple going through marriage couseling
Sex & Relationships

5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

Relationship guidance from a professional can help with communication, intimacy and trust

Cold & Flu

Do You Have Just a Sore Throat or Is It Strep?

A quick and easy test in the doctor’s office can tell you for certain

Eye Care

Are Lash Lifts Worth It? Here’s What To Know Before Trying

Allergic reactions and overprocessing are just a couple things to keep an eye out for


How Zinc Benefits Your Body — and How Much Zinc You Need

Zinc from meats, nuts and fortified foods helps your immune system, among other benefits

Start Your Year Off Healthy

A scoop of creotine powder in the foreground of a gym table.
Sports Health & Fitness

TikTok Trend Alert: How Creatine Can Improve Your Workout

The well-researched supplement can improve your fitness performance and help build muscle

Three people exercising tin a gym; one on the treamill, one lunging and another working with free weights.
Sports Health & Fitness

How Often Should You Work Out?

Experts recommend cardio exercise five times a week and strengthening twice per week

Person taking break on exercise bike to drink water, while at the gym.
Diet, Food & Fitness

Tips to Reset After a Food Binge

Get moving, avoid the scale and be kind to yourself — plus, learn your triggers

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

salmon steak on plate wtih lemons

How To Pick Fish High in Omega-3 and Low in Mercury

Salmon and herring are some of the best choices

Person peeling an orange, which has a higher sugar content.

Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar?

Bananas, oranges, pineapples and other fruit earn the sweet title of ‘nature’s candy’

black bean burger and salsa

Recipe Adventure: 8 Fiery Foods To Spice Up Your Life

Try these easy-to-prepare dishes to make your forehead sweat and your tongue tingle

Common Concerns

Hand holding coffee cup with the background split to show toilet paper.

The Daily Grind: Why Coffee Makes You Poop

Acids in coffee can give you the urge to go in just minutes

woman's knee aches during weather changes
Chronic Pain

How Changes in Weather Affect Joint Pain

Barometric pressure can play a role in joint pain, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it

Different people on beach with a variety of body shapes.

What Does Your Body Shape Say About Your Health?

Any body shape can be a healthy one, but a thicker midsection can be a red flag

Flu Season: What You Need To Know

woman with cold drinking fluids
Cold & Flu

What To Eat When You Have the Flu

These nutritious foods will help your body to better fight the flu

Two white and blue pills on a wooden surface
Cold & Flu

Tamiflu: Is It Best To Help You Fight the Flu?

The antiviral medication can help curb symptoms and shorten recovery time

Person taking electronic temperature of sick child in bed.

What’s the Difference Between RSV, the Flu and COVID-19?

It comes down to a wheeze, a fever and long-term effects

Taking Care of Family

Two people sit on a bench
Cancer Care

How To Care for Someone With Lymphoma

Listen to them, field questions from family and friends, and provide some normalcy

Person reclining on couch using nasel spray to alleviate pressure in sinuses.
Ear, Nose & Throat

Relieve Sinus Congestion and Pressure at Home

From nasal sprays to neti pots, these home remedies can help relieve your symptoms

Mother giving child medicine to take with water.

What To Do During the Children’s Medicine Shortage

Now’s the time to teach older kids to swallow pills

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Person in wheel chair with oxygen tank with virus floating in air.
Infectious Disease

How To Manage Fatigue and Other Long COVID Symptoms

You can feel tired and exhausted for months after your initial infection

Person floating by balloons over a sea of COVID viruses.
Infectious Disease

How Many Times Can You Get COVID-19?

COVID-19 reinfections are on the rise, and there’s no limit to how many times you can get infected

Two people wear face masks as snow falls around them.
Infectious Disease

Prepping for Flurona and a Twindemic (COVID-19 and the Flu)

Take extra care this season by treating flu-like symptoms as if you have COVID-19

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Are Lash Lifts Worth It? Here’s What To Know Before Trying

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5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

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Do You Have Just a Sore Throat or Is It Strep?

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Try Five-Finger Breathing for Deep Relaxation

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