older adult coughing
Infectious Disease

Why Is RSV Different Now Than In Past Years?

Our most at-risk populations are still highly affected by RSV

Skin Care & Beauty

Collagen Won’t Hurt Hair Growth, But It Probably Won’t Help Either

Try limiting heat styling and eating a healthy diet instead

Men's Health

How Kegels Can Help After Prostate Surgery 

Working your pelvic floor muscles can help you prevent and recover from urinary incontinence


What Selenium Is and Why You Need It (But Not Too Much of It)

This essential mineral helps your thyroid and reproductive function, among other benefits

You First: Why Women’s Health Matters

Woman performing breast exam on herself.
Cancer Care

When Should I Be Concerned About a Lump in My Breast?

Any mass or abnormal area that you feel for more than three days should be checked out

Woman getting handed a tampon.
Women's Health

All of Your Tampon Questions Answered

From using one at night to how often you should change them

Middle-aged woman on yoga mat, playing with dogs.
Women's Health

What To Expect in Each Stage of Menopause

A natural part of aging, there are typically three stages of menopause

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Raw hamburger patties separated by deli paper sitting on wooden cutting board.

Has My Ground Beef Gone Bad?

Color, texture, smell and expiration date all hold important clues

Closeup of blueberry jalapeno salsa in wooden spoon suspended over tortilla chips.

Recipe: Blueberry Jalapeno Salsa

Spicy and sweet flavors that aim to please

An avocado sliced in half with pit showing in one half, positioned on white marble with a sliced lemon in the background.

How to Safely Store Avocados (No Water Required!)

Warning: A popular TikTok hack to extend the life of avocados could lead to food poisoning

Common Concerns

A couple talks while sitting on a bench in the park, with clouds in the background.
Sex & Relationships

7 Ways To Improve Your Active Listening Skills

Notetaking, intention setting and practicing with friends can help you be a better listener

person practicing breathwork in meditative pose

Breathwork for Beginners: What To Know and How To Get Started

Breathing techniques may help move your body into a more relaxed and stress-free state

Person applying skin toner to cotton pad before using it on their face.
Skin Care & Beauty

8 Tips for Getting Rid of Oily Skin

Skin gets oily for many reasons — including dehydration!

Taking Care of Family

Worried person twists ends of hair while in school library.

What Is Stimming?

Self-stimulating behaviors are often ways of self-regulating or coping with intense emotions

mother taking child's temperature
Infectious Disease

How Contagious Is RSV?

RSV spreads easily and can infect anybody — not just children

Close up of a baby's foot that shows eczema irritated skin.
Skin Care & Beauty

Treating and Managing Your Kid’s Eczema

Keeping their skin moisturized — and scratching at bay — is half the battle

Managing Your Allergies

person blowing their nose outside

Allergies Don’t Cause a Fever — At Least, Not Directly

Infections like sinusitis, colds, flu and COVID-19 can cause a fever, but allergies aren’t infections

person holding sore throat with allergens in air

Relief When Allergies Give You a Sore Throat

Avoid allergens when you can, and clear up phlegm with home remedies and medications

nasal spray

This Is Why Your Nasal Spray Stopped Working (and What To Do About It)

‘Rebound congestion’ happens when your body starts to rely on decongestant nasal spray

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Collagen Won’t Hurt Hair Growth, But It Probably Won’t Help Either

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Why Is RSV Different Now Than In Past Years?

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How Kegels Can Help After Prostate Surgery 

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What Selenium Is and Why You Need It (But Not Too Much of It)

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Recipe: Asian-Seasoned Mustard Greens

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Drink Up: The Connection Between Age and Dehydration

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Living With Chronic Conditions

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Huntington’s Disease

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Psoriatic Arthritis

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