Host of a holiday party putting food down at a table with people.
Mental Health

5 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Party Season

Anxiety doesn’t have to make the season un-joyous


How to Correctly Read a Nutrition Label

Nutrition labels explain a product’s calories, fat content, nutrients, vitamins and more

Brain & Spine

Understanding Hyperfocus and ADHD

While hyperfocus is a symptom of ADHD, it happens to us all — which isn’t always a bad thing

Mental Health

Winter Blues Got You Down? Here’s How To Cope

Step back from social media, set boundaries and spot the symptoms of SAD

Staying Healthy This Winter

Person walking in winter boots on a path that has been shoveled or cleared.
Family Medicine

How To Walk in Snow and Avoid Winter Hazards

Taking slow, short steps and wearing proper footwear can go a long way in preventing falls

Laughing people participating in a snowball fight.

9 Tips To Stay Healthy During the Long, Cold Winter Months

With planning and precautions, you may be able to keep winter health issues at bay

Parent applying lip balm to child.
Skin Care & Beauty

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Chapped Lips

Winter is coming, so give the delicate skin on your lips some extra TLC

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Closeup of Macaroni and cheese in a white bowl on a white background.

Recipe: Mac ‘n’ Cheese-less

Enjoy this classic comfort food with a healthy twist

A white bowl filled with hot oatmeal and fresh raspberries and blueberries on a white plate.

Is Oatmeal Always Healthy for Breakfast?

It’s hard to beat the benefits of oats, but be cautious of sugared-up instant oatmeal options

Ginger mixed with orange juice to produce a ginger shot shown on a wooden table.

6 Ginger Shot Benefits

Try this spicy drink to help with digestion, inflammation and your immune system

Flu Season: What You Need To Know

Person in doctor's office getting vaccinated.
Cold & Flu

Flu Shot Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

6 excuses for not getting an annual flu shot that just don’t hold up

Doctor givnig pregnant woman a flu shot.
Cold & Flu

Is It Safe To Get a Flu Shot When You’re Pregnant?

Yes! Get a flu shot as soon as it’s available

Cold & Flu

You Think It’s the Flu — Now What Should You Do?

Resting, staying hydrated and taking over-the-counter medicine can help you recover quickly

Common Concerns

Elderly person on couch with hand on chest suffering from heartburn.

Why Does Heartburn Get Worse as You Age?

Time can light the match on that fiery feeling in your chest, but there are ways to find relief

Water being poured into a glass.
Family Medicine

Why Am I Always Thirsty?

Dehydration, medication and salty foods are often culprits

Two runners outside.
Sports Health & Fitness

Runner’s Itch: Why You Might Itch When You Run

Your body’s natural response to starting workouts may include an urge to scratch

Taking Care of Family

Button batteries.

What To Do if Your Kid Eats a Button Battery

These little batteries can do severe damage — go to the ER immediately


Diets and Supplements for Teens: What’s Dangerous and What’s Healthy

Steer clear of restrictive trends and supplements; encourage a healthy diet and exercise

Parent measuring kid's height.

How Tall Will Your Child Be?

Factors like genetics and nutrition, and even disease and medication, can affect height

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Person in wheel chair with oxygen tank with virus floating in air.
Infectious Disease

How To Manage Fatigue and Other Long COVID Symptoms

You can feel tired and exhausted for months after your initial infection

Person floating by balloons over a sea of COVID viruses.
Infectious Disease

How Many Times Can You Get COVID-19?

COVID-19 reinfections are on the rise, and there’s no limit to how many times you can get infected

Two people wear face masks as snow falls around them.
Infectious Disease

Prepping for Flurona and a Twindemic (COVID-19 and the Flu)

Take extra care this season by treating flu-like symptoms as if you have COVID-19

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Host of a holiday party putting food down at a table with people.
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5 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Party Season

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Winter Blues Got You Down? Here’s How To Cope

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How to Correctly Read a Nutrition Label

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Understanding Hyperfocus and ADHD

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10 Steps for Staying Healthy This Winter

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat Spaghetti With Turkey, Broccoli, Parmesan Cheese and Garlic

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