Someone comforting a depressed person
Mental Health

What Does Depression Feel Like?

More than just ‘deep sadness,’ this complex condition is often a whole-body experience

Pregnancy & Childbirth

How To Store Your Breast Milk Safely

Typically, you’ll want to store 2 to 4 ounces at a time


6 Health Benefits of Asparagus

Rich in fiber and folate, this veggie helps calm your gut and lower your blood pressure


Smile Salvation: What To Do if Your Kid’s Tooth Is Knocked Loose

Time is of the essence — contact your child’s dentist immediately

MENtion It: The Importance of Men’s Health

male getting an annual check up
Men's Health

Most Common Health Issues for Men

It’s important to watch for and guard against conditions like heart disease and cancer

Male taking medication with water.
Men's Health

Can Drugs Lower Your Sperm Count?

Various prescription medications and recreational drugs can have an impact

doctor standing in front of a calendar holding clipboard
Men's Health

Physical Exams for Men: What To Expect

Screenings and tests done during a wellness check can uncover hidden health issues

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

bowl of cooked tofu

5 Reasons To Eat More Tofu

A protein powerhouse, tofu builds muscle, protects your heart and lowers cancer risk

Close up of cranberry orange muffins with butter on half of muffin, set on wooden tray.

Recipe: Whole-Grain Cranberry Orange Muffins

Not your usual muffin — these are heart-healthy and delicious!

Person recording breakfast details on smartphone for food journal.

Food Journaling 101

Keeping a food journal can help with more than just losing weight

Common Concerns

zoom in on sun-blistered shoulder
Skin Care & Beauty

Burned and Blistering? When To See a Doctor for a Sunburn

Leaving a severe sunburn untreated can lead to dehydration and heat-related illness

umbrella protecting person from COVID virus
Infectious Disease

Here’s Why COVID-19 Is Still Dangerous

Like the flu and RSV, COVID-19 cases are rising seasonally

Person with chronic migrain holding head while sitting on couch.
Brain & Spine

When Nothing Helps Your Chronic Migraines

Start by reevaluating your triggers and lifestyle factors, but also consider trying new medication

Taking Care of Family

newborn baby skin peeling

If Your Newborn Has Peeling Skin, Here’s What That Means

All babies go through a perfectly normal peeling phase in the first couple weeks

Parent holding newborn while feeding them formula.

Babies Shouldn’t Drink Water — Here’s Why 

Tiny kidneys and tiny tummies don’t mix well with water

PCOS and weight
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Lifestyle changes, like a healthy diet and exercise, can help with fertility issues

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bowl of cooked asparagus
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6 Health Benefits of Asparagus

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Someone comforting a depressed person
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What Does Depression Feel Like?

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How To Store Your Breast Milk Safely

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Recipe: Grilled Flank Steak Salad With Green Beans

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child with loose tooth showing parent
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Smile Salvation: What To Do if Your Kid’s Tooth Is Knocked Loose

September 20, 2023 / Brain & Spine
person holding lower back at computer
September 20, 2023 / Brain & Spine

Back Pain, Your Spine and Father Time: 13 Ways To Treat Age-Related Back Pain

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Living With Chronic Conditions

person speaking with their doctor

Huntington’s Disease

Learn about exercises, nutrition, safety tips and more

hand scratching leg with eczema


Learn about the best diet, home remedies, topical creams and more

Woman with night sweats trying to sleep in bed

Vasomotor Symptoms

Learn how to manage hot flashes and night sweats related to menopause

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Psoriatic Arthritis

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Chronic Migraines

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