Child sleeping on a cloud clutching a teddy bear.

Melatonin for My Child: What Parents Should Know

While the supplement is safe, it’s best to talk to your child’s pediatrician first


REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: Acting Out Your Dreams

The rare sleep disorder may cause violent behaviors during slumber

Men's Health

Can Sex Lower Your Prostate Cancer Risk?

Yep! Research shows a possible connection


How To Stop Snoring

Try these home remedies for a quiet, peaceful slumber

Summer Safety Tips

girl with severe sunburned tan lines on shoulders
Skin Care & Beauty

8 Sunburn Relief Tips (and How To Prevent It Next Time)

Here’s how to soothe your red, burning skin

alcohol, beer, dehydration, hangovers, intoxication, liquor, vasopressin

The Risks of Mixing Alcohol and Summer Heat

How to avoid dehydration while having fun in the sun

Jellyfish sting on back of leg
Family Medicine

Should You Pee on a Jellyfish Sting? 

This beach myth can actually make a sting hurt worse

Common Concerns

Person doubled over in pain due to food poisoning.

How Long Food Poisoning Lasts and What To Do About It

Food poisoning generally passes within a few days and can usually be treated at home

Woman on sofa, texting on smart phone and holding dog.

Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Pinky, Thumb, Neck or Elbow?

Frequent smartphone use can lead to painful issues

Person wearing mask in isolation from virus.
Cold & Flu

Is the Flu Dangerous?

Stress that influenza puts on your body could cause serious conditions

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

A photo from the recipe Roasted Tomato, Cheese and Arugula Sandwiches.

Recipe Adventure: 9 Simple Ways To Use Those Ripe Tomatoes From Your Garden

These tomato recipes are bursting with flavor

Green detox smoothie ingredients with smoothie.
Weight Loss

Do Detoxes and Cleanses Actually Work? 

Your body naturally detoxes every day

Ginger Veggie Burger

Recipe: Ginger-Spiked Veggie Burgers

Add some Asian-inspired flair to your plate

Taking Care of Family

Parent comforting child in family room.

What Is Gentle Parenting?

This parenting style relies on empathy, understanding and respect

overweight children, exercises for obese children, parenting, child care

How Lifestyle Changes Can Help Kids Who Are Overweight

Emphasize lifestyle changes such as smart eating and exercise instead of just weight loss

A person burping her baby.

Gassy Baby? Here’s What You Can Do

Try these tips and tricks to help your baby get rid of gas fast

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

person getting sick with covid twice
Infectious Disease

Can You Get COVID-19 Twice?

Despite what you’ve heard or hoped, no one is 100% protected

second booster, second COVID-19 booster shot, COVID-19 vaccine, pandemic
Cold & Flu

What To Know About the Second COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

Certain members of the population have been approved for a second booster

Hair loss effects from COVID-19.
Skin Care & Beauty

How COVID-19 Might Be Causing Your Hair Loss

Illnesses can lead to hair loss, but it doesn’t last forever

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Child sleeping on a cloud clutching a teddy bear.
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Melatonin for My Child: What Parents Should Know

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