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Living With Huntington’s Disease


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A patient discusses their test results with a healthcare provider.
How To Cope With Huntington’s Disease

Ways to take care of your mental and physical health

A person holds up a blue ribbon that represents Huntington's Disease awaraness.
Caring for Someone With Huntington’s Disease

The neurological disease can make it hard for individuals to take care of themselves

Huntington disease yoga exercise
Best Exercises for Huntington’s Disease

Aerobic exercise paired with resistance training is good, but an individualized plan is best

Three people with masks sitting in a conference room.
How Does Huntington’s Disease Affect Work?

Here’s what to know about employment when living with this condition

genetic testing
Should You Get Genetic Testing for Huntington’s Disease?

Genetic markers can determine if you’ll develop Huntington’s disease or pass it on to your children

women talk
Who Do You Tell If You Have Huntington’s Disease (and How To Do It)

Share your diagnosis with an inner circle of family and friends you can rely on