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Genomic Medicine

Red-headed patient in dental chair in dentist office with healthcare provider
April 9, 2024/Chronic Pain

Why Redheads May Need More Anesthesia

If you have naturally red hair, feeling the pain may be in your DNA

Scientist hands selecting part of DNA chain and editing with CRISPR technology.
April 25, 2023/Genomic Medicine

The Basics of CRISPR Gene Editing

This evolving technology may one day eliminate conditions like sickle cell anemia and hemophilia

genetic testing
January 12, 2022/Health Conditions

Should You Get Genetic Testing for Huntington’s Disease?

Genetic markers can determine if you’ll develop Huntington’s disease or pass it on to your children

mother and daughters on couch at home
February 24, 2021/Genomic Medicine

How Your Ancestry and Ethnicity Affect Your Health

Why both nature and nurture matter


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preforming genetic testing in the lab
December 16, 2020/Genomic Medicine

A Genetic Test You Don’t Need

Testing MTHFR is usually unnecessary

woman in genetic counseling
December 1, 2020/Genomic Medicine

What Genetic Counselors Can Do for You

Learn how they can help your health

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