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Person using a dipiliary cream on their leg while draped in a towel in the bathroom.
May 7, 2023/Skin Care & Beauty

A Deep Dive on Depilatory Creams

This old-school hair removal method is painless if done correctly — but it’s not for everybody

Person having eyebrow threading performed on their left eyebrow.
March 27, 2023/Skin Care & Beauty

String Theory: An Inside Look at Eyebrow Threading

This popular eyebrow-shaping technique is more precise than waxing — and often less painful!

Woman with chin hair.
February 14, 2023/Diabetes & Endocrinology

Why Do Women Get Chin Hair?

From heritage to hormones, there are many reasons why you might sprout a little chin hair

Closeup of person itching their beard.
October 31, 2022/Skin Care & Beauty

What May Be Causing Your Itchy Beard

It could be from dry skin, bacteria or ingrown hairs


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woman dermaplaning at home
June 12, 2022/Skin Care & Beauty

Is It OK To Try Dermaplaning at Home?

Shaving your face can actually give you smoother skin

three friends with beards laughing
October 14, 2019/Men's Health

Can’t Grow a Full Beard? There’s an Explanation for That

And it’s not about testosterone

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