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mother with baby biting a teething ring
July 26, 2023/Children's Health

Mold on Your Baby’s Toys: Should You Worry?

Bath toys with little holes in the bottom are more likely to retain moisture and start to mold

Teething baby crying
April 30, 2023/Children's Health

Teething Doesn’t Cause Fevers — and Other Myths To Sink Your Teeth Into

Drooling, chewing and mild fussing are the most common baby teething symptoms

Closeup of a baby chewing on a teething toy.
April 25, 2023/Children's Health

Teething Remedies for Your Baby’s Aching Mouth

Stick to clean, cold compresses, and avoid topical ointments

toddler biting
April 3, 2023/Children's Health

Why Is My Toddler Biting — and How Can I Stop It?

Teething and frustration can make the ‘terrible 2s’ an unfortunate reality


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