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If You Have Epilepsy, Don’t Overdo Alcohol

Tags: alcohol, brain health, epilepsy

When it comes to alcohol use and epilepsy, keep the saying “everything in moderation” in mind. Moderate alcohol use is okay for many people with epilepsy, but excessive use can increase the risk of seizures.


Epilepsy Misunderstood: Best Ways You Can Cope

Tags: epilepsy, seizures

Misconceptions about epilepsy have persisted for centuries. Still today, that leads some to hide their condition from friends, teachers and co-workers. But education is the best weapon against stigma. Learn more.

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Diet for Epilepsy Treatment: High-Fat, Low-Carb

Tags: carbohydrates, epilepsy, fat, healthy diet, ketones, seizures

The ketogenic diet isn’t a cure for epilepsy, but this high-fat, low-carb diet can achieve significant seizure reduction in nearly 50% of children with difficult to control epilepsy.

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FDA-Approved Device Holds Promise for Seizure Relief

Tags: epilepsy, innovation, seizures

A new device just approved by the FDA holds the promise of seizure relief for people whose epilepsy can’t be controlled with medications or surgery. This amazing device, called the RNS System, knows when a seizure’s coming and stops it in its tracks.

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Disrupting Seizures That Disrupt Life (Video)

Tags: epilepsy, seizures, Top 10 Innovations for 2014

A new neurostimulator device disrupts the severe seizures of epilepsy before they even start.

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Surgery Removing Half of Brain Stops Seizures

Tags: brain health, epilepsy, hemispherectomy, study

Study finds that epilepsy surgery that removes half of the brain of children with uncontrolled seizures has dramatic results.

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Epilepsy and Work: 6 Common Questions

Tags: brain health, epilepsy

A diagnosis of epilepsy ends a career in very few instances, and most people with epilepsy sustain successful employment. Find expert answers to six common questions about work from patients newly diagnosed with epilepsy.

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Epilepsy and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Tags: epilepsy, fertility, pregnancy, seizures

Epilepsy in women brings along with it a host of additional concerns — can I have children? Will my fertility be affected? Will my children have it? Here, we answer your top questions.

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Future Mothers: What the Valproate-Autism Link Means

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorders, drugs, epilepsy, medications

Expectant mothers who take the epilepsy drug valproate may face an unexpected side effect: an increased risk of autism for their babies. Two experts weigh in on a new study.

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100 Seizures a Day: Surgery Saves Boy’s Life

Tags: brain health, brain surgery, epilepsy, seizures

A little boy suffering up to 100 seizures daily with frontal lobe epilepsy comes to Cleveland Clinic for brain surgery in 2011. He hasn’t had a seizure since. Can earlier surgery cure epilepsy?