ACL tear illustration

ACL Tear May Not Require Surgery (Video)

Tags: ACL tear, chronic knee pain, knee injury, knee pain, knee rehab, knee replacement, physical therapy

If you tear your anterior cruciate ligament, you may be able to avoid surgery. The majority of isolated ACL tears can be treated with physical therapy alone, says a new study.

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Thinking of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement?

Tags: chronic knee pain, inmotion, knee injury, knee pain, knee replacement

“Minimally invasive” always sounds good. But when it comes to knee replacement, the short-term benefit may not outweigh the potential risk of this more complex surgery.

orthopaedic imaging of bone

Joint Agreement: Using Imaging for Custom Fit (Video)

Tags: hip, hip replacements, joints, knee replacement, musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedic, shoulder

Orthopaedic sugeons are using dramatic advancements in imaging to customize joint repair and monitor patients after the operation.

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Treatment Options for Knee Pain and Injuries

Tags: ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, arthritis, cartilage, knee arthroscopy, knee injury, knee replacement, ligament, meniscal tears, meniscus, osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis, pain awareness month, trochanteric bursitis

Warm weather offers us more opportunities to get moving — and that’s when knee ligaments and cartilage are most vulnerable to injury. Here’s a quick guide to an injured or arthritic knee’s needs.