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High-Risk Pregnancy? Reduce Your Risks With Early Action

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Maternal disease, fetal problems and obstetrical complications are three possible factors in high-risk pregnancy. You can’t eliminate them, but you can reduce them.

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5 Top Flu Vaccine Myths

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Some people won’t get flu vaccinations because of misconceptions about the vaccine or how it works. Here are five common myths about flu shots — debunked.

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Age 35 and Older: Too Late to Get Pregnant? (Video)

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U.S. women are waiting longer to have their first child, a new study says. But while first-time older mothers face increased health risks, they can improve their outlook by adopting healthy habits. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a study recently that showed the first birth rate for women in their late 30s and older has been

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Freezing Eggs Can Preserve Your Dream of Motherhood

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One of the newest advances in fertility treatment — retrieving and freezing eggs — can give a woman better odds for starting a family later in life since life doesn’t always cooperate with a woman’s plans for motherhood.

How long is breast milk safe in the fridge, freezer – and more. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

How to Store Your Breast Milk Safely (Infographic)

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Don’t let your hard-earned nourishment go to waste. Learn how to properly store breast milk to maximize its nutritional benefits and antibodies.

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Are You Pregnant? Avoid Heavy Acetaminophen Use

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Tylenol has long been the doctors’ recommended choice for mild pain relief during pregnancy. New research indicates heavy use could cause developmental problems in kids, but more study is needed.

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Yeast Infection Drug OK During Pregnancy (Video)

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Some pregnant women have had concerns about taking the effective yeast infection medication fluconazole. A new study shows they can rest a little easier.

‘Full Term’ Pregnancy is newly defined

‘Full Term’ Pregnancy: Newly Defined

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For years, doctors defined 37 to 42 weeks as the time span of a full-term pregnancy. Now, that range is being divided into different classifications.

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Fewer C-Sections: Good News for Moms

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Some women find the idea of an elective C-section appealing, but they come along with more risks of complications. Today, C-section rates are leveling out, and that’s good news for moms and their babies.

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Past Your Baby’s Due Date?

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Many moms-to-be have something in common with the Duchess of Cambridge and her wait for the arrival of her royal baby: their babies’ due dates come and go and nothing happens.