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Fluoride Fights Tooth Decay in Your Youngest Kids, AAP Says (Infographic)

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Researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics say using fluoride toothpaste, even as teeth are first emerging, is key to stopping cavities from forming. Find recommendations for fluoride use for babies and children.


Boil, Soak or Pitch It? 4 Tips for a Clean Toothbrush

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Some say a run through a dishwasher or a pricey UV sanitizer is necessary to keep a clean toothbrush. But hot water and regular replacement are all you need. Here are 4 toothbrush safety tips.

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6 Reasons to See Your Dentist

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Bad breath after a garlic-laden meal? Mouth blisters from piping hot pizza? Oral health concerns are not uncommon, but some issues can be serious. Todd Coy, DMD, offers insight on when it’s time to see a dentist.

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Tobacco: No Healthy Alternative

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Tobacco use causes more than 5 million deaths per year, and not all are the result of cigarettes; many follow the use of cancer-causing smokeless tobacco and an emerging group of ‘safe’ alternatives. Brian Burkey, MD, discusses the likelihood of oral cancer as a result of tobacco abuse.