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two girls laughing on trampoline

Surprising Dangers of Trampolines for Kids

Tags: broken bone, Concussions, growing pains of parenting, spine, study, youth sports

Trampolines are popular among kids and adults – but they're dangerous. Our expert gives his take on the best way to avoid injury.

How a Second Opinion Can Help You With a Difficult Diagnosis

How a Second Opinion Can Help You With a Difficult Diagnosis

Tags: diagnosis, Electronic Medical Records, second opinion

In recent entertainment news, celebrities have talked about the importance of seeking a second opinion, when you face a serious medical diagnosis. Find out what you need to know about second opinions and how they can help.

End-of-Life Care: Who Will Speak for You?

End-of-Life Care: Who Will Speak for You?

Tags: advance directive, electronic health records, Electronic Medical Records, healthcare

Our own mortality is something we all must face at some point. It's best to make end-of-life decisions now to guide your loved ones and healthcare providers about what you want at the end of life.

Make Your Medical Wishes Known with an Advance Directive

Make Your Medical Wishes Known with an Advance Directive

Tags: advance directive, estate planning

What would happen if you experienced a sudden health crisis and became unable to communicate? If you haven’t filled out an advance directive, you may find yourself – and put your loved ones – in a troubling situation.

Blood tests and test tubes

Is It a Concussion? A Future Blood Test Could Tell

Tags: blood test, brain health, brain injury, concussion, Concussions, s100b

A new blood test may soon be available in the U.S. to determine the severity of a concussion soon after an injury. A Cleveland Clinic researcher discusses what this means for athletes.


Is Alcohol Really Good for You?

Tags: alcohol, cholesterol, heart disease, research

If you enjoy a having a drink, you may perk up when you read a headline touting the health benefits of alcohol. But you also may wonder — how strong is the science behind the headlines?

Children's hand isolated on red background

Obese Children Have Greater Risk for Adult Heart Disease

Tags: health screenings, healthy weight, heart disease, obese children, overweight

For many people, obesity starts developing in early childhood, when good dietary and exercise habits are neglected. It's important for parents to know there's long-term danger in their children being overweight or obese.

Grandfather and Granddaughter

Drugs Aim to Slow, Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Strikes

Tags: A4 Study, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s disease, biomarkers, brain health, memory, research, study, TOMMORROW Study

Researchers are trying a new strategy to combat Alzheimer's disease. Instead of treating Alzheimer's after it develops, scientists are exploring if certain drugs can stop or slow the disease before it starts.


How Strong Is the Link Between Inflammation and Depression?

Tags: biomarkers, brain health, depression, inflammation, stress, study

If you suffer from depression, inflammation in your brain may be contributing to your condition. Find out what experts say about the latest research findings.

Hand holding artificial human heart model

Doctors Combine 2 Heart Procedures for Positive Results

Tags: afib, congestive heart failure, heart surgery, mitral valve disease, mitral valve prolapse, mitral valve repair, mitral valve surgery

In the largest study of its kind, researchers find both a leaky mitral valve and AFib can be addressed successfully during the same surgery.