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U.S. News & World Report ranks Cleveland Clinic No. 5 hospital in the Nation

Cleveland Clinic Ranks No. 1 in Heart Care for 21 Years

Tags: heart, news, U.S. News rankings, us news rankings

Hospital ranks No. 1 in Ohio and No. 5 in the nation; 13 specialties place among nation’s top 10; No. 1 in the nation for heart care for 21st consecutive year.

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FDA Boosts Heart Attack, Stroke Warning for Pain Relievers

Tags: heart attack, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, stroke

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday strengthened warning label requirements for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which include pain relievers such as ibuprofen and naproxen.

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How Doctors Can Treat an Inflamed Appendix Without Surgery

Tags: antibiotics, aorta surgery, appendectomy, appendicitis, laparoscopic surgery, prescriptions, study

About 7 percent of the U.S. population eventually develops an inflamed appendix and requires surgery. A new study provides evidence that the use of antibiotics may be an option for some patients.

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FDA Decision Aims to Eliminate Trans Fat From Your Food

Tags: cholesterol, diabetes, FDA, food labels, healthy diet, heart attack, heart-healthy oils, Trans fats

Everyone agrees: trans fat is unhealthy. Now federal regulators are taking steps to eliminate it from our diet completely. In three years, food manufacturers will have to phase out artificial trans fats from their products, under guidelines announced by the FDA.

woman in grocery store with shopping cart

Get Your Cold, Flu Symptoms Checked Out While You’re Shopping

Tags: flu, flu season, flu vaccine, innovation, innovations, telemedicine

A new option for a face-to-face teleconference visit with a doctor is popping up in neighborhood stores. Find out how the healthcare kiosks work.

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Stroke: Know These 4 Lifesaving Tips Because Every Second Counts

Tags: brain health, FAST, mini-stroke, stroke, strokes

As soon as you see any signs of a stroke, such as sudden weakness in the face, arm or leg, confusion or slurred speech, call 9-1-1.


If You Have High Blood Pressure, Salt Still Matters

Tags: blood pressure, high blood pressure, hypertension, research, salt, sodium

Even with the ongoing debate about dietary sodium, hypertension and heart disease, salt still has a connection to high blood pressure. A new discovery sheds light on this critical connection.

Using Brain Images to Predict Huntington's Disease

Using Brain Images to Predict Huntington’s Disease

Tags: Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, Huntington's disease, imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI, Parkinson's Disease

New Huntington's disease research uses imaging to help predict changes in the brain. The study’s findings could ultimately help delay the disease’s progression in at-risk populations.

6 Intimate Health Facts That Every Man Should Know

6 Intimate Health Facts That Every Man Should Know

Tags: erectile dysfunction, health screenings, incontinence, kidney stones, medications, prescriptions, prostate cancer, STDs, testicular cancer, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal

Let's face it, men: It's tough keeping on top of all the health and medical advice out there. We've put together a list of timeless tips that can help keep you on top of your health game.

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How You Can Avoid an Infection from a Salon Pedicure

Tags: feet, foot health, pedicure, safety standards, summer safety, warts

It’s fresh into sandal season, and you need your feet to look sexy and pretty. So it’s off to the salon for a pedicure. But where you go can be the difference between pedi-heaven — or pedi-pain.