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Rehab After LVAD Implant Makes a Life Saver Even Better

Heart doctors know that cardiac rehab helps restore your strength after a heart attack or heart surgery. In 2014, cardiac rehab was also approved by Medicare for patients with heart failure. But until recently, no one knew about rehab’s specific benefit for patients with newly implanted continuous flow left ventricular assist devices (LVAD). A new study … Read More

Medicare to Cover Rehab for Heart Failure

Medicare recently agreed to expand coverage for the cost of cardiac rehabilitation to more heart patients, including those with heart failure. Cardiac rehabilitation improves outcomes for heart patients, but getting that critical support has proved too costly for some patients with heart failure. Currently, Medicare doesn’t pay for their therapy. It only covers patients who … Read More

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Cardiac Rehab: An Investment You Can Make in You (Video)

When it comes to heart health, the effort that patients put in to cardiac rehabilitation is returned many times over. Cleveland Clinic’s Section of Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation provides group cardiac rehab classes—which include personalized exercise programs along with education, advice on diet and emotional support—for a variety of cardiac issues. In this video, Chad … Read More