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Tag: exercise recovery

People in gym doing cool down stretches
June 10, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Cool Down Exercises

This important step gives your body time to return to its resting state while reducing muscle cramps, dizziness and injury

Person walking on home treadmill
May 1, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

The Benefits of Adding a ‘Deload Week’ to Your Workout Plan

Easing up on your routine can help your body recover and get stronger

Person messaging thigh muscle on exercise mat
February 26, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Loosen Up Those Muscle Knots: Here’s How To Get Rid of Them

Stretching, heating pads and massage guns can provide quick relief

Person lifting handweights while looking into the mirror at the gym.
October 22, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

What Is EPOC? (And Why It Matters)

The ‘afterburn effect’ is the energy your body uses to refuel and recover after a workout


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Person drinking sports drink with electrollytes while taking a break from tennis.
June 19, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

Can You Drink Too Many Electrolytes?

Sports drinks are best when needed — and that’s not all the time

person on indoor cycle bike
May 2, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

How To Stay on Track and Avoid Injury While Cycling

Fit, duration and positioning are more important than you might think

Person rolling upper back on foam roller.
January 19, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

Should You Try Foam Rolling?

This self-myofascial release technique can help ease sore or achy muscles

Stretching after running
May 17, 2022/Exercise & Fitness

A Post-Workout Recovery Plan for Healthy Muscle Growth

What you do in the hours and days after exercise can determine how your body bounces back

Two pieces of toast are on a plate, topped with sliced avocado, fennel seeds and lime.
September 29, 2021/Exercise & Fitness

Should You Eat Before or After a Workout?

Hope you’re hungry because the answer is both

A silver machine with a circular pool with what looks like white smoke swirling out from it
June 27, 2021/Exercise & Fitness

The Benefits of Whole-Body Cryotherapy After a Workout

The short answer from an exercise physiologist

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