Does Reading to Your Baby Make Her Smarter?

Many parents spend countless hours reading bedtime stories to their babies. Some even read to their swelling bellies during pregnancy. You might wonder if there is any benefit. A new study sheds some light.

4 Reasons for New Moms to Gather in Support Groups

Krista Afumbom came home from the hospital ready to devote herself to first-time motherhood and care of her new baby daughter. With her husband at work during the day and family far away, though, the Lakewood, Ohio mother felt alone and exhausted. “In the beginning when you bring home a new baby, it’s very isolating,” … Read More

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The Color of Baby Poop and What It Means

As a new parent, you expect to change hundreds – if not thousands – of poopy diapers. Yet the broad range of colors and textures you’ll encounter are at times concerning or downright shocking. Here, we demystify what hues are healthy and which warrant a call to your pediatrician.

Music Is Medicine for Premature Babies

Music soothes and comforts most of us. Now a new study has found that live music may also soothe premature babies and play a role in helping them grow and develop. Benefits of live music and lullabies Kim Giuliano, MD, didn’t take part in the study but is a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. … Read More