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Fish, vegetables and other whole foods on a table.
February 14, 2023/Urinary & Kidney Health

What To Eat (and Avoid) When Living With IgA Nephropathy or C3G

Low-sodium and nutrient-rich foods are your best bets

illustration of kidneys inside body
February 8, 2021/Urinary & Kidney Health

Renal Aneurysms: When Should You Have Yours Repaired?

The biggest concern is that they could rupture

public lock on bathroom showing urinary incontinance
January 19, 2021/Urinary & Kidney Health

Why UTIs Happen Differently in Men and Women

The ins and outs of urinary tract infections

Illustration of kidney stones leaving kidney

Why Do More People Get Kidney Stones in the Summer?

With warmer temps and increased physical activity, winter stones can begin to travel


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