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Tag: low testosterone

Upset person with hands over face and storm clouds overhead signifying their state of mind.
June 5, 2023/Women's Health

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women (and Reasons Why It Might Be Low)

Symptoms are subtle, but could include a reduced libido and mood swings

Man pouring wine.
October 18, 2022/Men's Health

What Can (and Can’t) Cause Low Testosterone

Vasectomies and masturbation don't lower your testosterone levels

Man holding head looking worried or depressed.
October 5, 2022/Men's Health

Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety and Depression?

Low testosterone levels can mimic symptoms of depression and cause anxiety over time

A drawing of a drop of red liquid coming out of a vial
September 29, 2022/Men's Health

Does Low Testosterone Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Despite assumptions, there really isn’t a one-to-one connection between the conditions


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Male researching on computer.
September 19, 2022/Men's Health

Why Are Testosterone Levels Decreasing?

Lifestyle choices are often a contributing factor for low-T

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