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person applying makeup foundation in mirror
April 6, 2023/Skin Care & Beauty

Is the Sunscreen in Your Makeup Enough?

SPF makeup offers some protection, but you’re better off pairing it with sunscreen

Lash lift procedure.
January 29, 2023/Eye Care

Are Lash Lifts Worth It? Here’s What To Know Before Trying

Allergic reactions and overprocessing are just a couple things to keep an eye out for

Small tin of eyebrow wax against a pink background
July 17, 2022/Skin Care & Beauty

Are ‘Soap Brows’ Safe for Your Skin?

Using this bathroom staple can give you fuller, fluffy brows

when makeup gets old
January 12, 2021/Skin Care & Beauty

When Should You Toss Your Makeup?

Find out how to avoid infections and reactions from a skin care pro


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