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Runners in marathon
August 9, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

The Long Run: How To Train for a Marathon

Months of preparation go into readying your body to run 26.2 miles

black toenail from running
May 23, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

Damage Control: What To Know About Runner’s Toe

A few precautions can keep your toenails from turning black and falling off

A smiling man running in a race wearing a blue running shirt and a tag with the number 58
May 9, 2021/Exercise & Fitness

How to Get Back to Running In-Person Races Following a Year of COVID-19 Cancellations

Here’s what runners can expect as they return to starting lines

runner drinking after workout
June 10, 2020/Exercise & Fitness

Runners, Here’s How To Fuel Up and Stay Hydrated

Use these diet tips to keep your running regimen on track from start to finish


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Woman stretching before beginning her run
April 9, 2020/Exercise & Fitness

How To Start A Running Program For Beginners

Preparing for short runs, long runs and everything in between

Packets of energy gels in marathon kit
January 1, 2020/Exercise & Fitness

Energy Gels: How They Can Help You Fuel a Long Workout

Expert advice to help you get the most from your training time

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