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pregnant female feeling her breasts
February 5, 2024/Pregnancy & Childbirth

When Does Milk Supply Regulate When You’re Breastfeeding?

Typically, milk comes in a few days after birth and regulates around four weeks after delivery

woman using breast pump
October 2, 2023/Pregnancy & Childbirth

Tips for Breastfeeding if You Have Flat Nipples

Gentle massaging, lying on your side and hand-expressing a little milk can help

Parent breastfeeding their baby.
September 28, 2023/Pregnancy & Childbirth

What To Know About the Breastfeeding Let-Down

Get your milk flowing by getting comfy, releasing stress and focusing on your baby

preparing frozen breast milk for baby
September 20, 2023/Pregnancy & Childbirth

How To Store Your Breast Milk Safely

Typically, you’ll want to store 2 to 4 ounces at a time


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mother breast feeding baby on sofa
July 27, 2023/Children's Health

A Step-By-Step Guide To Hand-Expressing Breast Milk

Hand-expression can be used in a variety of scenarios

Parent breastfeeding their baby while sitting on the floor in their living room.
June 19, 2023/Children's Health

4 Things You Need To Know About Breastfeeding With Nipple Piercings

Removing the piercing as early as possible is important for avoiding complications

mother breastfeeding baby
June 12, 2023/Children's Health

You’ve Had Breast Surgery — Will That Impact Your Ability To Breastfeed?

Severed milk ducts or lost glandular tissue may affect your milk production

Parent breastfeeding older baby while relaxing on couch.
January 8, 2023/Pregnancy & Childbirth

How To Wean Your Baby From Breastfeeding: Do’s and Don’ts

Take your time, pick the right time and employ feeding time-limits

relactation techniques baby breastfeeding

How To Reintroduce Lactation After Stopping Breastfeeding

Relactation can reproduce breast milk after two to four weeks

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