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Tag: ob/gyn

Hand holding packet of birth control pills in front of feet on a scale
April 23, 2024/Women's Health

Birth Control and Weight Gain: What the Science Says

Despite popular opinion, scientific research shows that most birth control methods don’t contribute to weight gain

Woman with doctor in exam room during a well-visit.
October 6, 2022/Women's Health

Well-Woman Exams: Who Needs Them and What To Expect

Annual preventive exams will do more than just check your health ‘down there’

young woman looking concerned
May 7, 2021/Women's Health

Is My Vagina Normal?

Female anatomy comes in all shapes and sizes


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abnormal pap smear
April 8, 2020/Women's Health

What to Expect After an Abnormal Pap Smear

Colposcopy, a commonly performed test detects cervix changes

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