What are the Best Surgery Options for Your Pancreatic Condition?

If you have problems with your pancreas — pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis, for example — surgery may provide some good options for treatment. While there are a variety of pancreatic operations, here is a look at two specific procedures: The Whipple procedure One surgery, call the Whipple procedure  can be an option for patients with pancreatic cancer or benign, noncancerous conditions in … Read More

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7 Key Questions to Ask Your Oncologist

It can be hard to know what questions to ask when your doctor says you have cancer. Since oncologists often present “just the facts,” without necessarily opening up the floor for questions, it’s good to be proactive. After a cancer diagnosis, here are seven questions I suggest patients ask: 1. Where do you recommend getting … Read More

Thankful for Life: Family Endures, Overcomes (Video)

Lisa and Josh Cantwell’s baby, Dominic, was born with a large cyst in his neck. Josh, meanwhile, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after Lisa gave birth. “When people say ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff,’ I understand why,” says Lisa. “Nothing really matters except your family and life.” Watch this video of how the family endured … Read More

10 Things to Know About Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease that spreads “silently,” without symptoms. When symptoms do present themselves, the cancer is usually advanced. However, there are a variety of innovative treatment options available to patients. Knowing the facts about pancreatic cancer will give you an awareness of the risks and the signs of the disease. 10 things … Read More