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Tag: peanut allergy

A piece of toast with creamy peanut butter surrounded by cracked peanuts
May 12, 2023/Allergies

Could There Be a Cure for Peanut Allergies in Children?

New treatment offers hope for outgrowing the life-threatening condition

variety of food allergens such as eggs, milk, wheat, shellfish and nuts
May 4, 2023/Allergies

Warning Label: The Big 9 of Food Allergens

More than 90% of allergic reactions can be linked to these foods

child at lunch with allergies
April 25, 2023/Children's Health

Protection Plan: What To Do if Your Child Has a Peanut Allergy

Be prepared, read up, team up, trust your gut and advocate

Mom feeding baby peanut butter on a spoon
April 12, 2023/Allergies

Taste Test: When Can Babies Have Peanut Butter?

Early exposure to peanuts may prevent the development of an allergy


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