Spring Allergies: 8 Top Ways to Help Your Child

Is your child suddenly sneezy? Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatric allergist Brian Schroer, MD, provides a tutorial on spring allergies in kids. Lesson #1: Know your opponent  Is that “achoo” seasonal allergies or a cold? Sneezing, nose and throat itchiness, and eye itchiness plus redness usually signal allergies. Like a cold, allergies produce nasal drainage, but it looks clear and … Read More

Best Ways to Prevent Your Allergies on Vacation

For many of us, the best time of year to take a vacation is also the best time to catch a big whiff of pollen and get sidelined with a super-sized sneezing fit.  If you or a family member has allergies, whether seasonal, animal, dust or food-related, it’s a good idea to work them into … Read More

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New Pill Can Take the Place of Allergy Shot

Sometime soon, people with severe hay fever will be able to take a prescription pill — rather than receive allergy shots — to control their symptoms. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration this week approved the drug Oralair to treat hay fever that certain grass pollens cause in people ages 10 through 65 years. Oralair is a … Read More

Stormy Weather: Bad News for Allergy Sufferers?

Cool summer rains can be a welcome respite from sweltering temperatures. But for allergy sufferers, summer storms can equal good news or bad news. “Light or moderate rains can actually wash the pollens out of the air,” says allergy specialist Sandra Hong, MD. “But heavy rains can cause pollens to burst open, making allergy sufferers … Read More

Dreading Allergy Season? Try Acupuncture Early

It’s freezing outside, the ground is frozen and the trees are bare. It will be a few more weeks until we see any signs of life to hint that spring is coming. So why should you be worried already about allergy season?  Because acupuncture can be an effective tool for allergy relief, but you have … Read More