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trans woman at home researching on laptop
September 14, 2023/Cancer Care & Prevention

What Trans Women Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Anyone with a prostate can get prostate cancer, but some symptoms could be masked  

Older man jogs up steps at park during morning walk.

How To Exercise Safely When You Have Advanced Prostate Cancer

Check-in with your care team, and focus on low-impact exercises and walking for good gains

man standing up straight in room
May 30, 2023/Men's Health

How Kegels Can Help After Prostate Surgery

Working your pelvic floor muscles can help you prevent and recover from urinary incontinence

Couple snuggling in bed.
August 15, 2022/Men's Health

Can Sex Lower Your Prostate Cancer Risk?

Yep! Research shows a possible connection


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Elderly person suffering from a urinary tract infection.
August 14, 2022/Urinary & Kidney Health

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections in Older Adults

Signs to look out for include pain and changes in frequency or urgency

urinal men standing blood in urine
June 16, 2022/Men's Health

Is There Blood in Your Urine? What You Need To Know

Why you need to get it checked

healthy foods to eat for prostate health man wondering
May 3, 2022/Men's Health

Foods That Promote Prostate Health

Foods that can help, and harm, your prostate

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