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Women sitting at a table and talking
August 2, 2023/Mental Health

What Is an Empath? And 4 Signs You Are One

You display empathy, have good intuition and are considered caring and sensitive

Music practitioner lightly hits gong as patient lies relaxed on matt while sound waves move around body.
November 28, 2022/Mental Health

What Is a Sound Bath?

Deep sound vibrations made by a soothing instrument may help you decompress

Person holding a hand up to their ear to block sound
July 5, 2021/Ear, Nose & Throat

If You Had a Quiet Quarantine, You May Be Sensitive to Sound Right Now

An audiologist explains why you’re feeling overwhelmed and what to do about it

ear sensitive to sound
December 15, 2020/Ear, Nose & Throat

5 Ways to Cope with Sensitivity to Sound

An expert helps you overcome noise sensitivity


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