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Parent checking temperature of small sickly child in bed.
June 20, 2023/Children's Health

Scarlet Fever and Strep Have Been on the Rise: What Should You Know — and Do — About It?

Awareness and prompt treatment can help keep your family safe

mother leaning over baby's crib
June 11, 2023/Children's Health

Can Babies Get Strep Throat?

It’s uncommon in kids under 3, but providers may test under certain circumstances

Pregnant woman lying on couch
January 3, 2022/Pregnancy & Childbirth

What To Know About Vaginal Strep If You’re Pregnant

Adults are often asymptomatic, but this bacteria can seriously harm newborns

home test of strep throat on child
January 18, 2021/Children's Health

Should You Use a Home Test for Kids’ Strep Throat?

The short answer from a pediatrician


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