Are Tanning Beds Safe?

The risks of using tanning beds could be deadly. Yet 90% of people who use tanning beds know the risks and keep using them anyway. A dermatologist reiterates the very serious health concerns associated with using tanning beds.

Person lying on their back on a tanning bed.

Are Spray Tans Safe?

Many of us love a summer glow on our skin. But we also know sun tanning and tanning beds are bad for our health. Are spray tans a good alternative? A dermatologist weighs in on the comparative pros and cons of spray tanning.

person getting a spray tan

Does Sunscreen Ever Expire?

How long have you had that bottle of sunscreen? Ever wonder if it expires or still works as it should? A dermatologist explains how long sunscreen lasts, how to store it and when to replace it.

mom applies sunscreen to child
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