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Sad teenager holding smartphone with various chat bubbles in background
January 29, 2024/Children's Health

How To Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Body Image

Foster communication about social media, encourage whole-person attributes and be mindful of your own negative self-talk

sad teen girl accesses her smart phone at night
November 9, 2021/Mental Health

Is TikTok Causing Tics in Teen Girls? What Parents Need to Know

A pediatric neurologist explains the troubling rise in teens with tics

Little boy cutting paper with scissors at home
March 30, 2021/Children's Health

Signs That Your Child May Need a Therapist

Learning new strategies to meet the challenges of growing up

Teenager meditating and listening to music on bed
December 9, 2020/Children's Health

How to Use Meditation for Teen Stress and Anxiety

Tools to calm, increase mindfulness


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