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Mammograms Save Lives — But They Can Get Better

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The timing and frequency of mammograms has become controversial. In the future, a new imaging tool could reduce or eliminate mammogram concerns.

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If You Are a Cancer Survivor, This Is a Must Read

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It's a hard reality: One-fourth of people who survive some common cancers go on to develop a brain tumor. But if cancer survivors know these nine symptoms, they can allow for early detection and better treatment.

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Mammograms Still Can Save Your Life

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A study that casts doubt on the usefulness of mammograms for long-term cancer survival may have grabbed headlines recently. But health experts maintain that annual mammograms for women over age 40 will save lives.

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Does Soy Boost Your Breast Cancer Risk?

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Worried about whether soy increases your risk of breast cancer? Find out what science says.

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14 Questions About Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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A diagnosis of breast cancer is scary and bewildering. Getting answers to these questions from your doctor will help you understand what’s ahead and take an active role in your treatment.

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The Epigenetics of Cholesterol, Smoking and Cancer

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, epigenetics, genetics, genomics, prostate cancer, PTEN gene

Find out what the hot field of epigenetics can tell us about bad habits and the way cancer grows and spreads.

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U.S. Death Rate From Cancer Drops 20 Percent

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The U.S. cancer death rate tumbled 20 percent in recent years from its peak in 1991, thanks to increased screening and early detection.

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Your Eyes: A Window to Your Health

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Your eyes aren’t just the window to your soul; they’re a way doctors can get clues about your overall health. Here are four systemic conditions that ophthalmologists can pick up from a routine eye exam.

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A New Option for Breast Cancer Prevention

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For postmenopausal women with a high risk of breast cancer, the drug anastrozole offers a new option. It’s the latest preventive medication — but not the only one.

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Fertility After Cancer: Know Your Options

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Most cancer treatments affect fertility for both men and women. In most cases there are ways to maintain the ability to become pregnant or father a child, by freezing sperm, eggs, embryos, or ovarian tissue.