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You Can Eat Fat If You Choose Wisely

For decades, we’ve been told that fats in food are unhealthy. New research is now prompting medical experts to re-evaluate fat — and it’s not totally taboo. “A lot of what we believed about fats has turned out not to hold up to scientific scrutiny,” says Steven Nissen, MD, Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. A … Read More

Can Buttered Coffee Give You a Better Body?

There’s a lot of hype lately about the most recent coffee trend. Take your morning cup-of-joe, add two tablespoons of butter and some oil, and call it Bulletproof Coffee. No doubt it’s an interesting flavor, but it’s the claims of increased energy and weight loss that seem to be giving this morning jolt traction. It’s … Read More

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12 Healthier Toppings for Corn on the Cob (Infographic)

If your family is clamoring for corn on the cob this summer, why not try a few of our healthier takes? Instead of the usual butter/salt duo, Cleveland Clinic Children’s dietitian Tara Harwood has created a dozen flavor sensations – there’s sure to be something to please everyone in the entire family!