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7 Benefits of Skipping Periods With Birth Control

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Taking your birth control pill continuously to avoid your period is safe and offers other benefits as well.

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Morning-After Pill: Your Weight Plays a Role

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A European manufacturer of emergency contraception pills says they’re not effective in women who weigh more than 176 pounds. Other, more reliable contraception can prevent morning-after uncertainty.

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Birth Control Injections: Pros and Cons (Video)

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Colleen Raymond, MD, OB/GYN at Cleveland Clinic, talks about Depo-Provera, a hormonal birth control option.

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IUDs and Implants: Safe Options for Young Women

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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued new guidelines approving other — possibly more effective — options to condoms, pills and patches.

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What’s It Like to Get an IUD?

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Thinking about an IUD method of birth control? It only takes minutes to insert, and then you’re set for years. Find out more about this procedure.

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Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops

Tags: CDC, contraception, Depo-Provera, IUDs, IUS, pediatrics, pregnancy, sex, teenage pregnancy

New findings released by the National Center for Health Statistics finds teen pregnancy in the United States has hit a historic low.


You Don’t Have to Go With the Flow

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Just because many midlife perimenopausal women experience heavy menstrual flow, it does not mean you have to accept this.