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Are Your Burgers, Steaks and Meats Cooked Safely?

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Some people prefer their meat on the rare side, but eating undercooked meat can cause food poisoning. Overcooking can expose you to other risks. Find out how to safely cook different meats and how to order well in a restaurant.

There are 7 important points you should know about cooking oils. Inforgraphic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Heart-Healthy Cooking: Oils 101

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Confused about which oils are heart-healthy and which aren’t? Keep this primer from our registered dietitian as a ready reference.

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7 Things You Should Know About Cooking With Oil

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When it comes to cooking with oils, do you have to choose between cooking for taste or cooking for health? People have strong opinions about what’s best. Here are seven tips to help you decide.

Watch out for hidden calories, especially in food you make yourself! HealthHub graphic from Cleveland Clinic

Love Your Olive Oil and Your Waistline Too (Infographic)

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What kind of cook are you? Do you measure carefully with a measuring spoon or cup -- or are you a more adventurous type who uses a splash and dash instead? Watch out for hidden calories, especially in food you make yourself!

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Doctor’s Order: Play With Your Food (Video)

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Tired of the same old choices when it comes to food? So is our expert, Linda Bradley, MD. She explains how to make positive changes in the way that you eat by experimenting with new foods, spices and recipes, and cooking with family.