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Study: Vigorous Exercise May Help Heart Failure

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Heart failure shouldn't keep you from exercising. In a boundary-expanding study, researchers found that vigorous exercise benefits some patients with heart failure more than low intensity workouts.

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5 Common Questions About Sex and Your Heart

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Is sex good for your heart? Get answers to this — and other questions heart patients are afraid to ask — from one of the nation's top cardiologists.

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5 Reasons Senior Heart Patients Need Exercise

Tags: cardiac rehabilitation, exercise and heart health

Certain that advancing age and a heart condition rules out daily exercise? Think again – appropriate physical activity should be a part of your daily routine. Here are the top five reasons why.

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Serious About Your Workouts? Get a Heart Rate Monitor

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A good heart rate monitor can help you monitor the intensity of your workouts, enabling you to burn the optimal number of calories.


Heart Health Twitter Quiz – Exercise

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Exercise improves heart health, whether you have heart issues today or wish to avoid them in the future.