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Vasectomy Requests Peak During March Madness

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Many men plan a vasectomy for this week with an eye toward watching the NCAA basketball tournament all weekend while they recuperate.

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5 Ways Obesity Affects Your Fertility

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To become pregnant, a healthy weight matters. Obesity has a number of different effects on your fertility—as well as your partner’s.

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Simple Procedure Treats Cervical Cancer Early

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Early detection and treatment of pre-cancerous tissue has resulted in a significant decline in cervical cancer rates over the last 70 years. Find out how a simple electrosurgical procedure aids in the fight.

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Fertility Drugs Tied to Multiple Births (Video)

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A study links the use of fertility treatments and an increased rate of multiple births — but a decline in the number of triplets and other high-order births when using in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Fertility After Cancer: Know Your Options

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Most cancer treatments affect fertility for both men and women. In most cases there are ways to maintain the ability to become pregnant or father a child, by freezing sperm, eggs, embryos, or ovarian tissue.


Vasectomy Reversal: 5 Facts Men Need to Know

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When a man chooses to have a vasectomy to prevent having children, it may feel like a permanent choice. It doesn’t have to be.


Tubal Reversal: 5 Facts About Your Fertility

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What happens if you change your mind after “having your tubes tied” and want to have more children? In most cases, you have options.


New Study: Bacon May Hurt Male Fertility

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Research continues to support the idea that diet can affect fertility. Men who eat a diet high in processed red meats have poorer sperm quality than men who eat more fruits, vegetables and white fish.

Special Incubator Helps Couples Conceive (Video)

Special Incubator Helps Couples Conceive (Video)

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Ed and Caroline Marks have two excellent reasons to believe in new technology: identical twins Claire and Charlotte, the Marks’ newborn daughters. The Marks twins are the first babies born at [...]

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Epilepsy and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

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Epilepsy in women brings along with it a host of additional concerns — can I have children? Will my fertility be affected? Will my children have it? Here, we answer your top questions.