Woman Doing Stretching Exercises In Gym With Trainer

How You Can Find the Best Personal Trainer

Tags: exercise, fitness, lose weight, personal trainer, workout

You’re ready to get serious with your fitness routine and hire a personal trainer. Be thorough in your research and insist on someone who can really help you reach your goals.

Man snowshoeing

4 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Cold Weather (Slideshow)

Tags: exercise, fitness, sports, tips for winter weather, yoga

If the cold days and dark nights of winter make you want to hibernate, consider this: Being inactive can take a toll on your fitness, your weight and your mood. Get tips for all fitness levels.

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6 Inexpensive Ways to Stay in Shape

Tags: Be Well e-News, exercise, fitness

All you need is motivation — and six ideas guaranteed not to break the bank.

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4 Tips for Using Fitness-tracking Devices

Tags: exercise, fitness, technology

Get expert tips on how to get the most out of your wearable fitness tracker.


Can You Exercise During Pregnancy?

Tags: exercise, fitness, pregnancy

With the right guidance, you can stay active while you are pregnant. In fact, exercise can be good for you and your baby.

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5 Weight-Loss Hacks (Slideshow)

Tags: diet, exercise, fitness, healthy diet, medications, weight loss

Whether you're trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and tip-top fitness, little lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Try these five tweaks as a part of your plan.

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How to Kick-Start Your Fitness Routine (Slideshow)

Tags: exercise, exercise plan, fitness, health tips

The road to fitness is paved with good intentions — but sometimes it’s hard to follow it to the end. Use these tips to get your exercise or fitness routine moving.

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5 Free Fitness Apps: An Expert’s Take

Tags: apps, exercise, exercise plan, fitness, technology, weight loss

There are plenty of apps for exercise and fitness, but some are more helpful than others. For a starting point, check out these five free apps.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail — and How to Succeed

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail — and How to Succeed

Tags: fitness, healthy diet, healthy living, New Year’s 2013, quit smoking, smoking, weight loss

Every year, some of us make resolutions — then abandon them by mid-January. It’s easy to blame it on human nature, but there are a few simple ways to stay on the health bandwagon.

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Use Yoga to Wake Up (Video)

Tags: exercise, fitness, morning, yoga, yoga video series

Before you reach for that cup of coffee, yoga can get you going. Here are some easy, stimulating breath work and stretches to get you moving.