parent listening to child

How to Know if Your Child Needs a Speech Evaluation

Tags: ear infections, growing pains of parenting, Hearing loss, speech

Learn from our Cleveland Clinic Children’s expert why it’s best not to wait if you have a hunch your child could have a speech-language disorder.

Swimmer's Ear

How to Keep Swimmer’s Ear From Ruining Your Summer

Tags: ear, ear exam, ear infection, ear infections, Hearing loss, summer, summer safety, swimmer's ear, swimming

Summer’s heat, humidity and water sports offer ideal conditions for swimmer’s ear. Learn to spot signs of infection and get tips for prevention.

Use this guide to learn more about noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

How Safe Are Your Ears? (Infographic)

Tags: hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss, infographic, ultrasound

One out of every three cases of hearing loss in the U.S. is caused by noise exposure -- and is 100 percent avoidable. Use this guide to learn more about noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it.

ear buds for music

Headphone and Ear Bud Use Safety Guide

Tags: ears ringing, growing pains of parenting, health hub number, healthhub number, hearing exam, Hearing loss, noise

Ear buds and earphones are everywhere -- and may even seem physically attached to some teens. While these little sonic feeding tubes can fill us with music, they can also cause hearing damage. Here’s how to minimize the risk.

3 ear infections in 6 months or 4 ear infections in 12 months: HealthHub Number from Cleveland Clinic

Ear Infections: When to Consider Ear Tubes (Infographic)

Tags: ear infections, healthhub number, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss, infographic

If your child has chronic ear infections, when do you need to talk to your pediatrician about tympanostomy tubes -- or what are commonly called ear tubes?

Women who smoke during pregnancy may contribute to their child’s hearing loss years later, a new study finds.

Smoking While Pregnant: Hearing Loss for Teens?

Tags: birth defects, Hearing loss, pregnancy, smoking

Here’s one more good reason to not smoke while you’re pregnant: A new study finds that prenatal smoke may contribute to your child’s hearing loss years later.

child with cochlear implants

Baby, Can You Hear Me? (Video)

Tags: cochlear, ear, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss

A little boy with severe hearing loss can hear the sounds of the holidays for the first time this year. Cochlear implants are making it possible.

senior woman in car behind wheel

Too Old to Drive?

Tags: elderly, eye exam, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss, memory loss, senior care, senior safety, vision loss

Older drivers are more likely than younger drivers to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes. Do you have an older family member whose safety behind the wheel is a concern? Find out what their affects safety and how to broach the topic.

woman talking in man's ear

Did You Hear That?

Tags: audiology awareness month 2012, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss

In the United States, millions suffer from hearing loss. Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD, talks about the signs of hearing loss, and how our complex hearing environments make listening harder than ever before.

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Chat With a Doctor: New Technology, Better Hearing

Tags: ear exam, hearing aid, Hearing loss

Ask questions and get answers about new technology and better hearing from a Cleveland Clinic physician during a live webchat Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, at noon (ET).