Woman dipping her toes into a hot tub

Hot Tubs Can Land Your Heart In Hot Water

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Relaxing in a hot tub sounds appealing, but if you have a heart condition, indulging in a steaming soak can cause problems. Limiting tub time and staying hydrated help reduce risk.

Pacemaker helping the heart keep pace

Helping Your Heart Keep Pace (Video)

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Sometimes a dangerously slow heartbeat occurs because the natural “battery” of the heart isn’t working as it should, or there’s another issue with the heart’s electrical system. Here’s how a pacemaker can help.

Blood pressure cuff

Busting 5 Myths About Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

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Blood pressure and heart rate go hand in hand (or arm in cuff) in most people’s minds. But what do these two distinct vital signs mean to your heart health?


It’s True—We Can Be ‘Scared to Death’

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“Fight or flight” response can be dangerous for people with heart problems and even for those with normal hearts.

heart rate monitor on man's wrist

Serious About Your Workouts? Get a Heart Rate Monitor

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A good heart rate monitor can help you monitor the intensity of your workouts, enabling you to burn the optimal number of calories.


Heart Health Twitter Quiz: Target Heart Rate

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You can have an excellent workout at both relatively low and relatively high heart rates.