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Are E-cigarettes Safe for Pregnant Women?

Tags: bad habits, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, nicotine, pregnancy, quit smoking, smoking

Some consider e-cigarettes “safer” for pregnant women, but no medical studies prove they are safe. Experts say it’s best to avoid them and offer tips to help you quit.

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How to Handle Sciatica During Your Pregnancy

Tags: pregnancy, sciatica, sciatica during pregnancy

Sciatica is a common pregnancy ailment. Get tips on how to manage the pain. Learn what other pregnant women do to deal with sciatica, from physical therapy to prenatal yoga.

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Midwife Is Equal Parts Nurse, Coach, Advocate

Tags: childbirth, midwife, pregnancy

Learn why many expectant mothers choose to work with midwives for their labor and delivery experience. They offer education and support, but ultimately are advocates for a woman’s birth plan.

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Pregnant? Explore Your Alternative Birth Options, Trends

Tags: childbirth, natural childbirth, pregnancy, water labor

Learn what other pregnant women are planning for their labor and delivery experiences. From massage therapy to water labor, expectant mothers are doing research and exploring all their options.

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Third-Trimester Ultrasound: A Final Check on Your Baby

Tags: pregnancy, pregnancy over 35, prenatal testing, ultrasound

Doctors use 36-week ultrasounds to check your baby’s size, health and position. For one healthy 39-year-old, it offered reassurance and comfort.

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Natural Delivery in Hospital Setting Offers Peace of Mind

Tags: childbirth, midwife, natural childbirth, pregnancy, water labor

Having a plan for your labor and childbirth is important. But peace of mind was priceless for one woman who delivered naturally in a hospital equipped to handle complications.

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Non-Stress Tests Measure Your Baby’s Movements, Heart Rate

Tags: high-risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy over 35, prenatal testing

Expecting parents want reassurance their baby is healthy. Non-stress testing monitors the baby's health late in pregnancy.

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Finding Out Your Baby’s Sex Has Its Advantages

Tags: childbirth, pregnancy, prenatal testing

Expectant parents have many reasons for wanting to know the sex of their baby before it’s born. It reduces stress, helps them plan ahead or makes it easier for siblings to adjust. So, will it be airplanes or flowers?

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New Mom Focuses on Joys of Motherhood, Not Risks of MS

Tags: childbirth, MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Moms with MS don’t have to miss out on the joys of motherhood, worrying whether they will pass on the disease. The risk is slight and you can assist the odds.

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Noninvasive Prenatal Tests Analyze Your Baby’s Risks

Tags: advanced maternal age, noninvasive prenatal testing, pregnancy, prenatal testing

As a woman ages, her risk of pregnancy complications increases, as does her baby’s risk of birth defects. Noninvasive pregnancy tests can screen for Down syndrome earlier in pregnancy.