Shoulder Pain Injury

Over 45? How You Can Deal With Rotator Cuff Injuries

Tags: rotator cuff, shoulder, shoulder pain, tendonitis

Older Americans can easily strain a shoulder. Here's how to recognize the difference between a rotator cuff injury that can result and a more common culprit: tendonitis.

Ice pack on shoulder

Tendonitis or Bursitis? Your Best Treatments Begin at Home

Tags: achilles tendonitis, bursitis, elbow, elbow pain, inflammation, knee, knee pain, rotator cuff, shoulder, shoulder pain

It’s tempting to head straight to the doctor with pain, but tendonitis and bursitis can often be treated successfully with rest, ice and anti-inflammatories. Advanced treatments are also available if home remedies fail.

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Shoulder Dislocation: How It Happens in Real Life

Tags: dislocation, rehabilitation, shoulder, shoulder pain, shoulder replacements

People in movies may dislocate a shoulder and easily “pop” it back in place, but in real life, you need immediate medical attention for a shoulder dislocation. Here's how to tell if your shoulder is dislocated and what to do.

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Joint Replacement Surgery Gets ‘Smarter’

Tags: chronic pain, hip replacements, joint pain, joint replacement, shoulder, shoulder pain, shoulder replacements

Correct placement of artificial joint implants is one of the biggest challenges in joint replacement surgery. “SmartBones” technology helps surgeons pinpoint exactly where the new joint needs to go.

orthopaedic imaging of bone

Joint Agreement: Using Imaging for Custom Fit (Video)

Tags: hip, hip replacements, joints, knee replacement, musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedic, shoulder

Orthopaedic sugeons are using dramatic advancements in imaging to customize joint repair and monitor patients after the operation.


Keeping Pain at Bay Through the Golf Season

Tags: arthritis, elbow, golf, lower back, osteoarthritis, shoulder

Don't let your arthritis and aching back keep you from off the fairway.

Computer imaging and virtual surgery help surgeons practice for perfection

Surgery: Now in 3-D

Tags: 3-D, hip, innovation, shoulder, technology

There’s no guesswork when Cleveland Clinic orthopaedic surgeons replace a patient’s shoulder or hip joint. That’s because the surgery already has been done, virtually, using customized 3D images.